01Store interiors for the world's leading cosmetic brands.


Manufacturing the highest quality furniture with precision, innovation, care and solid business practice since 1992.


Our work offers strategic sales support to luxury cosmetic brands on four continents. Each project is given top priority to meet the corporate standards of our Clients.

creative approach

Constructing high quality store furniture is possible only by understanding the context of its performance. Years of experience have allowed us to develop a flexible but systematic approach that makes the production process both dynamic and clear for Clients. Our product is the result of a thorough analysis to source the best materials and innovative construction ideas. Client designs come to life as technically advanced sales tools.


Creating luxury store interiors constantly demands new technology in both the construction and production phases — lighting, final color coats, glass and other specs leave no room for compromise. Digital manufacturing, paint application, and the addition of a subassembly, supplied to us by vendors, are closely monitored by our engineers and technicians. Whether it is through advanced up to date technologies or traditional finishing work — doing our best work is always key.


Manufacturing is carried out using state of the art tooling, guaranteeing the perfect fit in and out. Every crucial step from the material selection to the final assembly is supervised to ensure the highest precision.